Prescription glasses

Do you wear glasses, or do you think you need them? Your eyesight is very important, and a good choice of glasses with a correct prescription is essential for your daily comfort, to avoid long-termeye problems. At Óptica Felipe Zaragozíwe offer a wide variety of the best quality lenses, frames, and brands to meet your needs. We have the latest technologies in lenses on the market and the most fashionable glassesof the season. We will advise you on the best type of lens and treatment for you based on your work and your environment. Visit us, and you will see the difference.

Progressive lenses

Progressive lenses are designed to allow you to seefar, near, and in between.. Good progressive lenses can cover all your needs (like 3 pairs of glasses in 1!) – but the lens design has to be just right.

In additionto being specialists in progressive lenses, we are committed to delivering your lenses in 24-48 hours,with a 3-month adaptation guarantee

No more waiting a week for delivery, you have a lot to see!

Sports prescription glasses

We know that you improve your health and your quality of life by training, but are you protecting your eyes meanwhile?

Whatever sport you prefer, we offer prescription glassesand prescription sunglasses

We have frames for running, cycling, snowboarding, or skiing from the best brands. on the market. Quality, design and comfort to help you overcome all obstacles.

Choose a model and get ready to get the most out of them.