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Eye tests

taller propio

Own workshop for assembly, adjustment and repair

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Glasses of the best brands


Your trusted optician in Altea

We know that you are concerned about your health, but do you give your eyesight the attention that it deserves? Our most important sense requires special attention, especially now that we spend so much time in front of screens and devices.

A timely visual examination can prevent future eye conditions. If you are looking for advice, don’t hesitate to contact us. Visit us at our opticians in the centre of Altea.


Specialists in eye examinations and assembly and repair of glasses and lenses in our workshop.

Prescription glasses

We have the latest technologies in lenses on the market and the most fashionable glassesof the season.

examen visual en Altea

Eye test

At Óptica Felipe Zaragozí we take care of your most important sense and offer youa complete visual examination.

Colour blind test

Do you suspect that you might be colour blind? We are currently the only optician in the Marina Baixa and Marina Alta to offer this test.

taller de montaje de gafas

Assembly and repair

We have our own workshop to give youthe best possible service without long waiting times.

lentillas en Altea

Contact lenses

We will guide you to find the ones that best suit your eyes and your lifestyle.

We work with the best brands of eyeglasses and sunglasses on the market.

Specialists in prescription and progressive glasses.